"Pullet" is actually a roo?

Apr 13, 2021
Bakersfield, California
Hello! A couple months ago, I got 4 chicks from TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) and 3 are growing up to be the cutest ever.
I have recently noticed "silky" feathers near my EE, Mascara's, tail, which tells me that they is more likely a cockerel. Is this really a roo?


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When you say "a couple months", could we get that distilled down into actual weeks? There's a lot of development that happens at specific ages and this information might help.

If over 10 weeks, I would like to request a side picture of the bird showing the full bird if possible.

Otherwise I would like to request a clearer picture of the head showing the comb (and wattle, if present).

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