Pullet laying eggs in strange place


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11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
One of my pullets has twice laid on the roosting bars that sit over the poop box and I can't figure out why not in the nesting boxes where the other 4 have laid.
cause she likes playing with ya head,,hehe

your roosting bars must be real close together,, any way of spreading them apart so she cant?
Try putting a fake egg in the box. It might help. I was having a problem with my new pullets laying eggs all over the floor. I put a fake one in and they started laying in the box, but as soon as I took out the fake egg, they laid on the floor again. I guess I have to leave the fake egg in awhile longer. Good luck!
They are like 12" apart? Well today I think she used the box, I like the idea she is messing with my head cause I can't figure it out.
out of our 19 hens 6 lay in the coop in the nest boxes, or on the floor, then about 8 lay in the garage, the others lay whereever they feel like it and that could be under the car, in the wood pile, in the bushes, on the patio table....or places we havent found yet. We have given up trying to get them to lay in the boxes. We just go on egg hunts every day.
Birds that are starting to lay haven't learned the body clues yet to know when it's "time" to hit a box. I understand from these boards that it's pretty common for young pullets to lay on roosting bars until the get the hang of it.

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