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    Aug 15, 2009
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    HELP!! My poor snowball. Two weeks ago I removed her from her pen (with 4 pullets and 2 cocks) because she was getting beat up on. Since she has been in her own pen but she is having issues walking. She is not off ballance but she is not using one of her legs (FEET). Actually when I pick her up, her good claw will lock around my finger and her other claw won't even move. She is still eating, drinking, pooping and "Talking".
    What is wong with her foot?
    Normally I would just cull without a thought but this is a speical bird to my daughter (long story).
    Her bad claw
    My sweet girl!
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  2. rbaker0345

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    Wow, she is so pretty. I love cochins! You can try giving her aspirin to relieve pain to see if it was an injury. It could be a contracted tendon, but that usually starts at hatching and then gets better, but the remedy for that is some physical therapy.
  3. mycutekitties

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    Thank you
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    Can you get a better photo of her foot - there is an area that looks a bit dark, raising the issue of bumblefoot. But it is too hard to see to be certain.
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    Sorry... Asprin is dangerous to many animals.... ( would not give asprin, and if you have already, make sure she eats and maybe give her some yogurt, too )
    How old is she? (She's absolutely beautiful, by the way)...

    How old is the flock? And, have you ever wormed the flock? If so, when, how, and with what?

    Is she in a pen or cage? ..... is she standing on wire? Is she the only Frizzle? Or are all in your flock the same breed?

    Depending on the age (are they mating)... five hens / pullets and two roosters / cocks -- too many roosters, too few hens. Hard on the hens.

    I don't know if others have found this, but I have found Frizzle roos to be very aggressive and mean... and dangerous to hens, rapists. (I had one break the neck of a smaller RIR, trying to rape her, she died)

    If she is mildly injured, she may well heal.... keep her warm, alone, safe, well fed, dry, etc. and see how she does (and check, search Bumblefoot also, just in case)
    Or.... worms can cause limping (holding up one leg)... don't know why, but have seen it.... and worms are not good and need treatment w/ Valbazen.... but, only in chickens old enough... some say 6 or 7 months. Check the poo of everyone, see how their poop looks, all of them. Is anyone else acting "off", lethargic or anything?

    Good luck. Use the Search here on BYC to find more information... others know more than I.
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    Aug 15, 2009
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    Quote:I will take a better pic tomorrow. Snowball was going to be my daughters showmanship bird. She has such a kind gentle nature. I hope she gets better.

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