Pullet or Broody?


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Sep 15, 2014
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We rescued 7 hens a few weeks ago, and one of them is a Buff Orpington, who I thought was no longer laying. I've never seen her in the nest boxes, and I'm getting 3 eggs a day from hens I know are laying. Today, the Buff Orpington has been in and out of all the nest boxes, could she be a pullet, or is she becoming broody? She has managed to push all of the straw out of the boxes twice. The reason I think she's no longer laying is because she has full comb and wattles, and appears to be full grown-I know she's not a roo!

Has she plucked feathers from her breast? Is she making strange, purring noises? These are signs of broodiness. Otherwise she is probably just getting ready to start laying. I had a pullet just start who pushed all the eggs and bedding to the front of the nests and stuff like that.
She hasn't pulled any feathers or started purring. So, she could be a pullet! That's exciting for us! Thank you!
And thank you for welcoming me! I love this website, there's so much wonderful advice for a newbie like me
After posting this thread, I went out to the coop, and lo and behold, there was a pullet egg in one of the nesting boxes!

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