Pullet or Cockerel?!?!


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7 Years
May 10, 2012
Can someone help me sex my chick?
She/he's a black australorp who is 5 weeks old. ↓↓ These are pictures of her/him.

Thanks in advance
How in the world can you tell? Other than comb, he looks like my 5/6 week old birds. Im so mystified how people can tell a cockerel from a pullet!!
It's a number of things, but the comb so very early is the biggest giveaway. Everything from the bird's posture, the legs, the comb, and it's feathering-in pattern tell a part of the tale.
I have a bird like this thought it does not have the comb. Its got the nubby tail and everything....I cnat seem to figure out what it is lol

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