Pullet or Cockerel?

Pullets or Cockerels?

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Sep 8, 2014
Ontario, Canada

This is our first summer with chickens. We got 3 of these (3/4 cochin, 1/4 silkie) chicks as hatchlings. Initially we had thought they were hens but after bringing a rooster home these 2 have started to crow and are a bit aggressive with any new hens we get.
What do you think?

They both look like roosters to me. Especially the one in front, the way he flaps his wings!
I enlarged the picture and both appear to be cockerels . If they are crowing it's a sure sign . The first one has a curved roosters tail and pointy saddle feathers . All male characteristics . The one in back is hard to tell on the tail but I think I can see pointy saddle feathers .

Your recent photo I see 2 cockerels .
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