Pullet posturing and pecking order


8 Years
Dec 17, 2012
Texas Hill Country
Two weeks ago I acquired 3 "started" Dominique pullets from a breeder. The girls are now approx. 14 weeks old. Amongst themselves there seems to be lots of chest bumping, darting, zooming at each other with neck feathers flared, and lots of activity in general. But at night they clump together like little budgies!

I don't seem to remember my hand-raised-from-day-old Black Australorps exhibiting such animated behavior. My BAs are now 4 years old.

Is the posturing and pecking order-type behavior more pronounced in Dominiques? Is this to be expected in 14 week old pullets? I have 2-3 more weeks before the DOMS will be integrated into my flock of hens, but wondering if I should make sure their "flock of 3" is sorted out, or, will integration take care of all that.

BTW, Agnes, my BA Boss Hen will likely set the tone for the DOMS, since she's not called Boss Hen for nothing!

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