Pullet sitting on heels

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Jun 19, 2016
Keeseville, NY
I've noticed that one of my 12 week old EE pullets doesn't walk much and when she does it is awkward and she often sits on her heels. Her eyes are fine, she eats, she drinks, she gets up and down from the roosts just fine and none of the others bully her. When at a feeder or waterer she sits on her heels whilst munching away instead of standing like the others. When she does walk, her legs appear to cross more so than her siblings and she never goes particularly far before sitting down again. I've felt her up and down, but I can't feel anything wrong with her. I really don't think it is Marek's, as she has been this way for weeks and nothing else appears to be wrong (i.e. no laboured breathing, no twisted neck, her eyes are fine). Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you.
I had a couple start with a penguin stance, they were eating and otherwise seemed ok. They were to young to be an egg issue
Ended up trying medicated chick crumbles with the supplement called Kicken Chicken and they started improving in a few days
Good luck

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