Pullet with huge egg?

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    Apr 2, 2012
    I got two Americuanas in late March and was told they were 8 months. I was getting about 1 egg a day - kind of a normal grocery store size egg. Then I got a huge egg - far bigger than an extra large egg from the grocery. Then really small eggs since. The big egg wasn't a double yolk - just a really big egg.

    I got the pullets from a guy who is on an Americauna society website so I have to think legit. I emailed and asked him and he said that some pullets lay double yolk eggs. He then commented he hoped she didn't injure herself laying the big egg. He said that there's no way I got an older hen as all of last year's were sold for meat.

    Now I'm getting about 5 eggs a week total. I don't know who is laying what. Both are healthy and active. If one did injure herself how would I know? Is there anything I can do to help her?

    thanks for any input
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    Couple of possibilities, 1, Only one of them is laying, Americunas can be late starters. 2, They just haven't laid on the same day yet, Americunas aren't always the best layers. With the way they are acting I doubt she injured herself.

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