Pullet without toe control (flopped under foot)

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I bought 2 pullets from a local "breeder", and have for the past month or so kept them in isolation, and I'm glad I did.
One of them never looked well. Her tail was always down and her comb is short because she is young, but also very pale. All of a sudden I noticed one day her middle toe had folded under her foot and she was limping, so I assumed it was broken but there is no sign of breakage, just lack of muscle control and have since noticed on occasion it happening to another toe on the same foot.
She also has a hard lump and scab on her keel bone, but I'll just assume this can be normal.
Everything I read points to possible Marek's but it's hard to know for sure. Her poops look normal since I gave her ACV in her water, and her crop was full so I know she is eating.
This is the question. Do I just assume the worst, accept the loss and cull both birds since they both could carry it? or wait it out longer. As it is, if she has marek's my garage is now infected and I could have potentially carried it out to the coop anyways ( hopefully not).

I would get a quick blood test from the vet to be sure this way you will know for certain what your dealing with
it would be sad to cull without knowing for sure. this way there will be no question as to what is happening. that's what i would do. I believe Marek's is a airborne disease so show extreme caution and bio security. you can even being it on your clothes or shoes so be careful! also I'd demand my money back and tell her she put your whole flock at risk. they must have been carriers and under the stress of moving the disease came out IF its mareks. but don't just guess get the test done. I wish you the best and hopefully its NOT Marek's! good luck.
Ive already contacted the breeder. She offered to trade that chicken back but if it is mareks then I dont want anything else from her.
Ill look into a blood test.

I havent found a way to have a blood test done
Yet, but here is a photo showing her foot.
So I noticed a small blackish looking scab. I'm pretty sure maybe its a mild case of bumblefoot that causing her to limp and fold her toe in.
Not a great picture, but could this be what I'm dealing with? Bad for her, but better for me than a case of Mareks.

What should I do here? would it be significant enough to warrant doing the surgery? or can I do a foot soak in epsom salt water or something non-invasive to start out? I've been keeping her out on the grass the last couple of days to soften where she stands.


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