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Jul 20, 2013
About a month ago we had some chickens get pretty sick. Everyone got a shot of penicillin, some TLC and they all pulled through just fine with the exception of my little Copper Maran "Miranda". She had a snotty nose and was a little lethargic, that was really her ownly symptoms. Now she seems fine physically, she eats, she drinks, she isn't coughing or wheezing, but she won't open her eyes! She doesn't move around much because she won't open her eyes, it is so sad, she just sits there and chirps softly.

Once in a while she will open them just a tiny slit. Every morning I clean her eyes, add eye drops, put VetRx on her nose and triple antibiotic on her eyes, but nothing seems to help. When I try to pry them open to put the drops in she screams. This photo was taken after I washed her little face, thats why her feathers are wet. I have a video, I am trying to figure out how to get it off my phone and onto my computer.

I watched a video that showed you hold the bird on its back, and apply VetRx directly to the vent on the upper inside of their mouth. I did that and I honestly think it helped some. She opened her eyes a little today, but they still look greyish. I almost believe her third eyelid isn't working. Maybe its eye worms? I guess the VetRx will help if its worms.
well, I think it may be eye worms. This morning she had little a white blob in her eye, and I washed it and got some more out. She was able to open it some! Going to keep treating her with the VetRx to the mouth
Chances are she has a respiratory infection, not eyeworm, especially since your chickens just had it a month ago. She has a pretty swollen sinus. I think she would be better off getting Tylan 50 1 ml by mouth for 5 days. It can also be given as a shot into the breast muscle.
Most definetly eye worms! I applied the VetRx to her eyes and inside her mouth at lunch. When I went to feed and check on her tonight, their was that same white stuff in the corner of her eye and when I was cleaning her eyes I was able to push more out. It looked this the stuff in this video...
She is actually opening her eye some. So happy I did some research and tried this medicne. I will keep you posted, hopefully I will get more out in the morning. Rather disgusting job, but so happy she is opening her eyes!
So very sad, Miranda was doing so well, though for sure I finally was getting her well, then this morning I found her very listless.
I gave her vitamins and made a warm mush of her feed and put some in her mouth to get her to eat. I called all over the place and found Tylan 50. Drove 20 minutes each way to get it. When I got back she was on her side. Got the meds down her but I'm afraid it's to late. I will go back to the barn in a couple hours, will update then.

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