pullets are being "Prickley"

humphrey farms

7 Years
Jun 28, 2012
Naples Maine
My 2 BLRW & 2 LF Cochins pullets are 21 wks old. No eggs or signs of wanting too. I have noticed that this past week they are very prickley with each other and the 21 wk old cockeral sometimes seems to have to get between them to seperate the fuss. They have been together since hatching. What's up with the change in attitude??? It's not constant and they are only confined at night and free range all day in an acre fenced in so it isn't a space thing. Thoughts??
Mine have always gotten very moody right before they start laying. Chalk it up to all the hormones like a pregnant woman.
I hope you are correct about your assumption. I would love to be able to have my first fresh egg!!!
I am so glad to have read this thread, I have ten, 20 & 22 week old hens and none have started laying but they all have recently became snippy with each other. I so hope it's hormones, I am going crazy waiting for the first egg!!

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