Pullets beginning to lay eggs.

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  1. My question is pretty straightforward. I understand chickens mature at different rates, but, all my chickens are the same age and purchased as day old chicks. When I bought them they were due to start laying according to their age. After about a week the first egg appeared. Its been over a month and now I am up to a definite egg a day and occasionally 3 a day...and sometimes 2 a day. I have 12 ladies and 1 Roo. I kinda figured they would all begin about the same time. Any thoughts from you Egg-ucated yolks...I mean folks ??
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    What breed are they, and how old? Different breeds tend to reach point of lay at different times. Sometimes they are a year old before they start. If they are an early laying breed, like the sex links or Leghorns, you might look at whether they are laying in hidden nests, or whether the eggs are being eaten by the chickens or maybe a snake or something.
  3. They are about 24-28 weeks I think...my mental calculator battery is running down...
    They are Cherry Eggers. No hidden nests...I keep a pretty tight eye on em' [​IMG]

    Snakes a possible but not a probable.....I keep the area pretty free of Mr No Shoulders.....


    Thanks for the reply!
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    Take a close look at their wattles, combs and around their eyes for the deep red color (signs of maturity).

    Right now, just my first 23 week old layer and rooster have really long wattles and super dark red features. My other Dominique is getting redder, but her wattles are shorter and less deep red, while my only Cochin pullet has zero red, just a light rose color, her comb and wattles haven't grown in weeks.

    Chickens of the same age don't always mature exactly, like people I guess.

    Hang in there, at least you have eggs coming in...

  5. Quote:Thanks, appreciate the help![​IMG]
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    It's totally normal, my first layer was about a month ahead of her sisters. They started at all different times ranging from one month after the first layer to 5 months later.

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