Pullets comb/wattles change colors...instantly!?

Shannon's Chix

10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
N.E. Florida
My 4 pullets are 17 weeks old and 2 of them are getting some color but usually it's really red and tonight for example, I picked one up and she sat in my lap and was petting her, and right before my eyes her whole face went pale! is this normal???
pale combs can be because of worms, might wana try to worm them, and Ive heard if a chicken has a bad heart, when picked up, the comb turns darker... but not lighter? This is pretty weird!
Yes, chickens can blush, on roosters with light skin you can even see it on their legs. I don't remember ever having one go paler, but I'm sure it's normal. Maybe she was blushing when you first picked her up, then relaxed?

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