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My last batch of pullets raised from incubator included a chick that has a very peculiar manner. The pullet is able to bend its neck all the way back until it is almost resting on its back. Normally, when a chicken wants to look up it will either turn its head to the side or perhaps raise its head a little. This pullet however simply moves its head all the way back.
I am wondering whether it is a symptom of a deformity. Perhaps it will "grow out of it". I have been told that it is not worth the effort to raise it and so, from a financial point of view, best removed. I do not want to do this at all.

The only thing close to what you described that I've experienced is a chicken with limited vision. She's learned to compensate by moving her head around in some really awkward positions.
The decision to cull is yours alone to make. If you like this chicken and she doesn't seem to be in any pain you don't have to cull her just because somebody said she's not worth it.
Mine is a cherished member of my flock, more so maybe because of her disability. Though she's not laying yet, she is showing the signs that she's about to start. She has a forever home with me.
As said the decision to cull is yours. Personally I would wait it out, if it is a pullet she could carry out a usual life as an egg layer even if she doesn't outgrow this.
Another thought, maybe she is just doing her own thing, and not following the crowd in normal behavior.....

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