Pullets pooping in the nesting box.


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I have done some reading and found some information but would like some additional help and reassurance.

I have three 9 week old pullets. Two Ameraucana and one Wayondotte.

We have a small coop 66in x 27in with a nesting box that is 12x36 that sticks out the back adding some floor space.

We have put the water and food in 2/3 of the nesting box area leaving one 12x12 nesting area.

The girls have been sleeping and pooping in the nesting box. I put a cardboard box in there today and I relocated their roost that was down low to up higher. I am hoping they get the picture now. They did cluck around and take a hop on to the roosting bar, they were not happy to be pushed out of the nest box but they did not protest to much. They took a look around then went about eating and drinking. I think they like the food and water location now in the back area in the extra nesting box area.

My question is about the box I have blocking them from getting in the nesting box. My husband leaves for work about 5:45 -6:00 am, is that early enough in the morning to remove the box to allow them access to lay in it? He can check on them and remove the box as he is leaving for work. Then I usually go check on them about 7 or 8 when Im closing up the house for the night is that late enough to put it back?

Next I need to know at what point should I start the daily removal of the box? 19 weeks? 20 weeks? And.. should I put some plastic eggs in as soon as I start this daily removal of the box?

Lastly how long should I keep this up after they have started laying? How long would it take for them to realize that the nest is for laying not pooping?

I tried to embed a video of my set up. I have to figure out photos and video. Thanks for any feedback.

The link above is to my youtube video, it shows my coop.
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It is not unusual to not want to roost until 3 months old or more.

Thank you I needed to hear that. I gave in anyway and figured they like how they were sleeping and I just found another place for food and water. I am going to post my photo of the fix. I feel pretty proud of my waterer.
Fred's Hens :

A 9 week old pullet has no clue what to do with a nesting box except sleep/poop in it. This isn't a good habit to form.

I blocked off the box with a cardboard box they do not have access. I will open it up when they start laying and put golf balls in it.​

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