pumpkin pie making


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Jan 24, 2011

If I think someone is trying to rip me off I get contary I saw canned pumpkink at our local market for 2.59 , that was the smaller cans.
I stopped at a store out side of town that sell apples from their trees and bought 2 pumpkins a dollar each. I will have enough pumpkin for my self and all of my relatives for our pumpkin pies. I read a few years ago that canned pumpkin has some sweet potato cooked into it so I will throw in a potato or two in the pot.
In case you have never cooked a pumphin. put the pumpkin on a cooky sheet and cook until the ouside skin will slip. then just cut your pumpkin into chunks and boil until done. You have your pumpkin ready for the pie making.
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