puppy died, have questions

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    May 31, 2008
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    DD and her hubby got 2 pit bull puppies awhile back. Not sure of their age but they are/were due their third puppy shots this weekend. DD lives in an apartment complex. She walks the pups in the back where not a lot of people walk their dogs, mainly cause they are pups and havent had all their shots yet. She doesnt take them anywhere else. No dog park, no Petsmart. They do have a huge feral cat population. Tenants moved out, left their cats, and they have multiplied. Many of them are sick. The friendly ones walk up to you and she says they sneeze and weeze and have matted eyes and are bags of bones. 2 weeks ago, girl pup gets what appears to be a cold. Runny nose, slightly goopy eyes, loss of appitite. Poop was fine, still playful. Gets over it in a few days. Last night, DD goes to take pups out before she goes to bed. Boy pup has bloody diarriha. She lets hubby know, he works night shift, that pup is sick and needs to be taken to the vet when he gets off of work and gets home. Hubby gets home and finds puppy dead in crate. They are mortified. She said he doesnt smell like parvo. She is pregnant and is having problems and is on almost bed rest. She is freaking out that the puppy has something that the baby can get. She has most of the time used rubber gloves when she has had to clean up their messes but she is in tears now. Any idea what killed the puppy so fast? She has a doctors apt next week and she is gonna talk to them about it to make sure she is ok. But what about the puppy? What about the girl puppy that was sick with something different and showing no symptoms anymore? Did the cats give them something?
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    I vote parvo, even if he didn't smell that way. I had a rescue puppy die of parvo and never had bloody diarrhea. The diarrhea itself is a sure sign. So sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    Jan 12, 2010
    only a vet can answer that....... they should have taken both dogs in when they had the problems, not wait till one dies to think there may be a problem after all. Especially knowing the environment they lived in (cats etc).
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    Not sure if they still have pup. If they do need to put it in the fridge (wrapped in a towel in a box) till they get it to the vet. The vet can check out the dead pup. I would take the live pup in and have it check as well. Clean everything in bleach.
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    Evidently there are two forms of parvo, one is quick (within a day or two) and the other (cardiac related) is even faster, at least with young pups. Here's a clip from a dog site: CPV affects only dogs, and cannot be transmitted to humans or other species. However, other animals and humans can carry it to dogs. Dogs who become infected have a 50-50 chance of survival. If they survive the first four days, they will usually recover rapidly, and become immune to the virus for life. Most puppies will die without medical treatment.

    So yes, the cats could have carried it. But at least it says that humans aren't effected.
    Sorry about the pup [​IMG]
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    A vet will have to answer your question about diagnosis .. but I don't believe dogs carry any zoonotic diseases that can pass the a human fetus.. Cat's do, but for the most part, dogs and cats don't share diseases either.


    I'm sorry for your loss .. that's a tough age in a pups immune cycle.
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    the pups should be about 16 weeks old then. if i remember right from when we had pups that got it they need shots about a mth before exposure to protect them from it and the more boosters the less chance of getting it. i vote parvo also just because they had 2 sets of shots doesn't mean they had them quick enough to have immunity to keep them from getting it. if it is close enough exposure to when getting the boosters they can still get it. it can be caught from ground, other animals, touching one pup then touching another ect. it is extreamly easy to come into contact with it. i'd get the other pup to the vet asap cuz if one had it they both were exposed. i don't think she has anything to worry about for her or her baby. people can get parvo but it is human parvo it is a different species and parvo is species specific. other than certain worms and rabies i don't know of anything a dog would have they can transfer to a human now cats on the other hand r different as stated above. so sorry to hear of their loss. [​IMG]
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    Mar 2, 2008
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    I vote parvo too. I know several years ago a breeder, that I use to buy bulk raw from, told me she had a strain of parvo hit her that even hit adults. It kills in 24 hours. It can be brought home even on your shoes. It sounds like the cats have an upper respiratory infection, typical in feral cats.

    Did the pup eat normally that night? I would highly recommend that she get some parv-aid and give it to the remaining pup. I have some sitting in my frig, not sure if it is still good or not. If you need it let me know. I got it 3 years ago when I got my last pup. Dogs with the black and tan markings are more susceptible to parvo and that is what all my dogs are.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    I vote parvo too. I am so sorry for their loss [​IMG]
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    I'd tell her that its prob. parvo. take the other puppy in for testing and treatment. I'd suggest getting rid of the 2nd puppy if it is too much to care for. if she can't take it to the vet when it is ill, then its too much- regardless of reason. . . IMO.


    i'd warn her of toxoplasmosis in the cat ridden complex.

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