Purebred 6-7-week-old Wheaten Ameraucana Cockerals P/U only

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    Beautiful Wheaten Ameraucana cockerals @ 6-7 weeks old. Their papa is a GREAT flock roo with an amazing temperament! If you are thinking you might like a roo for your flock, but you've heard horror stories and aren't sure you want to deal with one, I can HIGHLY recommend these little guys! Wyatt is very polite to people - has only challenged strangers when they are around his chicks - and he takes wonderful care of his hens. He runs a very tight ship and doesn't tolerate dischord. [​IMG]

    Plus, with whatever breed of hens you have, any babies you want to hatch will be Easter Eggers - and people love those!

    I have included a picture of Wyatt, so you can get an idea of what these boys will look like. I will take a current pic of the boys and post it on Thursday. Please PM me if interested!

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