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  1. Yes, we have visited Purina Farms.

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  2. No, we have not visited Purina Farms, but want to.

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  3. Not really interested, but thanks anyway.

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  1. HallFamilyFarm

    HallFamilyFarm APA ETL#195

    Jan 25, 2010
    Monticello, Arkansas
    Was wondering if anyone has visited Purina Farms near St. Louis, MO. We are sheduled to visit this morning. Will try to post more information and photos as soon as I can. Meanwhile, from their website:



    Purina Farms, which feature a Purina Event Center and a Visitor's Center along with several Outdoor Canine Competition Venues, is an all-inclusive destination for animal lovers and enthusiasts of all ages. Competitive shows and trials as well as fun and educational family-friendly activities and exhibits reinforce the many ways that animals enrich our lives.

    For reservations to visit Purina Farms or to book an event at the Purina Event Center, call (314) 982-3232 or (888) 688-PETS, email us at [email protected] or write to us at:
    Purina Farms
    200 Checkerboard Dr.
    Gray Summit, MO 63039

    Purina Event Center
    300 Checkerboard Loop
    Gray Summit, MO 63039

    Purina Farms is a must-see St. Louis attraction!

    The Purina Farms Easter Village voted one of the top seven local family events of the year by local St. Louisians! St. Louis Sprout & About 2010

    Purina Farms received a perfect five-star average on insiderpages.com and was praised as one of the best St. Louis attractions by Zagat and Parenting magazine (surveyed 11,000 travelers)

    Located on more than 300 acres of rolling hills, Purina Farms offers animal lovers of all ages an opportunity to get up close and personal with barnyard animals and everyday pets such as dogs and cats. Purina Farms features the Visitor's Center where kids can play in the hayloft, milk a cow, take a tractor-drawn wagon ride and watch exciting canine performances of flying disc, diving dog and agility.

    Recently, the Purina Event Center, a state-of-the-art indoor facility designed to host a variety of canine activities from conformation shows to performance events like obedience, agility, Rally and flyball, opened on the Purina Farms property giving visitors a chance to see some of the most prestigious dog shows in the country year-round.


    Except when noted, all dog shows and events taking place at Purina Farms inside the Purina Event Center and outside at the outdoor competition venues are free and open to the general public. Spectators can sit ring-side or watch all the action from bleachers and grassy hillsides for outdoor events.


    More than 600 hard surface visitor parking spaces are available. Parking is permitted on black top and gravel lots. During large events, grassy areas may be authorized for parking and will either be marked or someone from the host club will direct guests to an authorized area.

    There are 74 full-service RV spaces to the South of the Purina Event Center and then an overflow lot featuring 43 RV spaces with electric hook-ups near the Main Show Field. RV overnight parking is allowed.

    Rules and Regulations

    Please follow all directions on posted signs. Be kind to all animals including the ones that call Purina Farms home. No outside food allowed on the property. Please keep all dogs leashed while on the property except required by competition. Your cooperation is appreciated!

    Banquets and Receptions

    The Founder's Room inside the Purina Event Center resides on the second floor of the building overlooking the two Halls below and can accommodate 300+ people for a formal dinner, meeting or social gathering. Catering is available upon request. Banquet tables that can accommodate 10 people each and chairs come with the rental of the Founder's Room. The Visitor's Center down the hill from the Purina Event Center features a patio with tents and covered planted trellises that can be used to serve lunches or host a dinner or cocktail party outdoors. Specialized Catering has been contracted to supply all food service needed for any event ranging from snack bar food to catered dinners and cocktail parties. Call Chris at 314-982-5244 or 314-982-5117 to make arrangements.

    Exhibitors Canopies and Tents

    Canopies and tents are permitted on and around parking areas outside the fenced-in show field. Canopies can also be set up on gravel areas inside the show area. During large events, we ask that exhibitors be considerate of others and use only the minimal space they require. Please no tenting or exercise pens on the show fields.


    Vendors are welcome to participate in shows taking place inside and outside at Purina Farms, but it must be pre-approved through the organizing Club. If you are interested in being added to the list of preferred Purina Farms vendors, please email Kaite Flamm at [email protected]. Upon arriving at any show, vendors should check-in with the organizing club to receive direction on set-up and parking.

    Gift Shop

    The Purina Farms Gift Shop, located inside the Visitor's Center, offers a variety of unique gift and souvenir merchandise, as well as items with a specific breed theme.

    Click here for a printable coupon to the Purina Farms gift shop


    Two sets of restrooms are located in the Purina Event Center along with two sets of restrooms in the Visitor's Center, which is directly adjacent to the show site.

    Waste Management

    Purina Farms makes arrangements for containers to handle all waste created from food service, visitors, exhibitors and their pets. Containers are placed throughout the grounds and inside the Purina Event Center. Outside, white barrels are for paper trash and brown barrels are for pet waste. Complimentary plastic gloves are provided for your convenience at these locations. There is also designated relief areas set up for dogs to use including an outdoor public x-pen area on the East side of the Purina Event Center. PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET.


    24-hour security is provided which includes gate attendant and roving guard. For a fee, additional security can be arranged for group events with at least 2 weeks prior notice.​

  2. BarefootMom

    BarefootMom Songster

    Jul 20, 2010
    Half Way, Missouri
    My best friend and her family went there last summer and told me about it. Said they had a lot of fun. I would like to go sometime but it is just too far away for me to take the kids by myslef and my hubby isn't into things like that.
  3. I've been three times.. all were back in the 70's when I was in the FFA.. it was one of the stops on the way to the FFA National convention and judging competitions
  4. dewey

    dewey Songster

    Nov 9, 2010
    north of eternity
    I've never been but would def go if I was near there. Sounds interesting. Let us know what you enjoyed most on your visit.
  5. epignosisjs

    epignosisjs Songster

    May 7, 2011
    Weeki Wachee, Florida
    JimsFarmStand: Grants Farm is a nice place to visit in St. Louis. It's owned by Anheuser-Busch, unless the Belgian company sold it. Entry was free, nominal parking fee. They had a stable of Clydesdales there, too.
    Have a great time!
  6. HallFamilyFarm

    HallFamilyFarm APA ETL#195

    Jan 25, 2010
    Monticello, Arkansas
    It was fun...except for the sorry excuse for poultry. Most looked more like mutts than any particular breed. You would think with all teh feed we buy, Purina could at least spend a little on quality poultry. Other than that, we had a blast.
  7. kathyinmo

    kathyinmo Nothing In Moderation

    Quote:Since fewer than 1% of poultry owners show their birds, I would guess they (Purina) feed more mutts with their feed than "quality" poultry. I happen to enjoy the mutts I have as much as I enjoy my "quality" birds.

  8. HallFamilyFarm

    HallFamilyFarm APA ETL#195

    Jan 25, 2010
    Monticello, Arkansas
    Purina has an opportunity to showcase and help preserve Heritage breeds. Their Katahdin sheep were lovely. York pigs. Belgian mare. Holstein cows. All was great. But with a top notch facility and an APA color breed poster on the wall, it just seems they would have spent a bit more on quality poultry.

    Just like zoos. They spend millions to preserve wild animals, but acquire mixed breed poultry in their petting zoos.

    It seemed that Purina spent money to acquire quality in all areas but their poultry.

    The folks at Purina Farms are very friendly. We went in our 4H T-Shirts and received a very sweet welcome. Several employees commented about their fond memories in 4H.

    Metzer Farms is sending the kids some gift certificates for the following photos:


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  9. BrattishTaz

    BrattishTaz Roo Magnet

    Jan 8, 2011
    Tampa Area, Florida
    I've been to farms in Mexico where the crops are grown for Purina. [​IMG] That probably doesn't count though.
  10. DuckLady

    DuckLady ~~~Administrator~~~BYC Store Support Staff Member

    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    Quote:Since fewer than 1% of poultry owners show their birds, I would guess they (Purina) feed more mutts with their feed than "quality" poultry. I happen to enjoy the mutts I have as much as I enjoy my "quality" birds.

    Kathy is exactly right. Seems to me that this company caters to the majority of their customers. I would imagine if they catered to the select few who raise only certain types of chickens the price would be more
    than the majority who raise chickens for pets or eggs could afford.

    I am glad you won some gifts which have value using their grounds as a backdrop, even though you don't like what they are doing. [​IMG]

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