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    Last week we had a really bad dog attack. 6 died and one of the chickens was badly injured.[​IMG] We took the one that was injured inside and have been caring for her. She seems to be doing better. But every once in a while she does this really loud purring noise. It almost sounds like a cat! Is there anything wrong with her? Should I be concerned?
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    Sorry about your losses. [​IMG]

    I've heard both a quiet purring (happy chicken on the roost) and a louder purring that is an alarm sound. In fact, I turned a fan on my younger flock this morning. This is their first experience with a fan. They were all fine with the fan until it started moving (oscillating), now they are all upset and purring.
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    I get two purring sounds. One indicating discomfort or submissive "don't touch me" purr and another produced by hen that seems to say "settle down". They are not exactly the same vocalization.
  4. Purring is generally a 'negative' sound. I'm sure your baby is still in some emotional distress but she will be okay when her injuries are healed and hopefully when she begins to re-establish a new flock.

    I'm sorry about your others. [​IMG] Give this little girl lots of love. She probably feels very naked without her fam.

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