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Nov 7, 2011
Every day one of my rocks flys over the temporary fence but does not go far. When I go out to get her she runs to me and squats down waiting for me to pick her up to go back in. She always clucks quietly while I have her but today was different, it souded like she was purring. She did not do it all the time but it was betweenher clucks sometimes. Do chickens do this?

I have one girl that purrs so loud, you can hear her from across the yard. She's the most submissive. Neat sound huh? I just love hearing it. Not sure exactly what it means, but it only happens when things are peaceful.
Yes, chickens purr. I've heard two different types of purr. One is a content quiet purr from one or more birds. The other is different somehow, kinda one of those things you have to hear it to tell the difference. It's a danger! purr. When there's been predators around I've found my whole flock in hiding and all of them purring.

By the way, I don't think your hen is squatting to be picked up. She's likely squatting because she considers you to be the head (roo) of the flock.
Some people call it hen song. They do it when they're happy The other rrrrrrrrrrhhh is louder and does sound like an alarm call and thats
what they use it for.
I have 2 Cornish X pullets that didn't get big enough to process so they lumber around the yard. They used to roost but prefer to sleep on the ground. They purr and chirp while they sleep.....they remind me of the 3 Stooges snoring!!! BRRRRRRRRR-peep-peep-peep BRRRRRRRRRR-peep-peep-peep
whoooooo, I thought there was something wrong with her. I never thought about them thinking I'm the head roo, but where I live we can only have 10 chickens and no roos so I guess that answers that. Thank you lots for all ya'lls help and answers.

purrrrring, equals danger . This is the only time I have heard the purring noise.
I have a couple of Buff laced Polish that always purr when I pick them up. They snuggle into my neck or lay their hear across my shoulder and just purr away. One also sits on my foot til I pick her up. I've never heard the danger purr. The squatting also means ur pollet is getting ready to lay if she hasn't before.
Yes, your chicken purrs. So does mine. I have a LB that hops up on my lap to be petted them climbs up on my shoulder (always the left shoulder) snuggles her head in my hair and purrrrrrrs. She has fallen asleep and almost fell off my shoulder before I realized what was going on.

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