Pushing eggs out of nest.


9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada
I have a flock of 12 girls. Most of them are younings (under 20 weeks). I have 2 RIR and 1 Barred Rock that are layers. In the last week, 3 of the Barred Rocks eggs have been pushed out of the nest? Any ideas. We've had no problems like this before.
How many nest boxes do you have, maybe the nest box has to many eggs in it? Just a thought. Are the eggs getting broken? Have you seen the culprit in action, if so throw her in the slammer for awhile, before they start eating the eggs and you have a bunch of egg eaters on your hands! I hope you come up with a solution for this behavior before it turns into something much worse.
Thanks for the input. We have 3 boxes for laying right now. I know my barred rock will lay in the nest - she takes her time too. I have some golf balls in the same nest, they haven't been pushed out. I know this is a behaviour, but unsure why. They have ample space, the boxes aren't high (so no breakage). Five months of laying and this has just started in the last week.
The only time I have known mine to move eggs is when they are broody, to add to their clutch. They will lay out of the nest is there is something wrong with the nest -- ants, mites, lice, even poop. Rats and snakes will do it, too.
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