Put all the brooder stuff away today

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by TLWR, Apr 12, 2019.

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    and took it back out tonight LOL

    The current trio of chicks moved out to the big girl hut and pen - separated, but moved off the patio. I cleaned the kennel they stayed in on the patio the other day and put it away this morning. Cleaned up the dane sized kennel they hung out in in the yard to put away tomorrow after it dries.

    We were at TSC about 3-4 weeks ago and they had production blue pullets and I contemplated getting a few more birds but decided to wait, so we left. I looked them up and didn't see much, but decided if we made it back and they still had some, I'd get them. We stopped in 2 days later and I told my DH as we walked in "watch that person get the last of them"
    Low and behold... the woman that walked in right before me did indeed get the last of the blues.

    Have stopped in at TSCs near us hoping they'd have more blue girls. Nada
    Stopped at TSC tonight to see if just maybe they had any more blue breed chicks, even though I'm leaving for a week for work.
    Yep, they did. DH offered to chick sit, so I picked up 4 of them. I wasn't missing out on my blue girls again!

    So now I have 4 new babies sitting on the patio in the dog kennel that I pulled back out tonight.

    These girls are blue plymouth rocks. On the bright side, DH thinks they are going to be nice looking birds, so he's not too bent out of shape. Until my month long work trip in June lol

    chicken math.jpg
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    I saw the title and was like, yeah right lol. I've put the brooder away several times in the past year, saying I'll only have chicks when the broodies want them.
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    I saw production blues at TSC a couple of weeks ago here. Looked online (BYC) and found out they were probably a cross between blue Australorp and Rhode Island Reds. I started to get some, but I'm not a fan of RIR's. I got Olive Eggers instead. I sure do like the blue chickens.
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