Puting day 25 egg for incubator under broody ?


6 Years
Aug 17, 2016
I'm hatching LF chicken eggs that are 25 or 27 days old. One of my hens has gone broody the last 5 days. Before they pip and hatch, can I put the eggs under her? She is a Cream Leghorn.
Chicken eggs only take 21 days to incubate. At 25 to 27 days, those eggs aren't hatching. Sorry, but they have been dead for a while now. And most broodies won't accept chicks until after they have been brooding for a few weeks.
I've heared chirping sounds coming from some of the eggs.

The egg feel like glass
true and they starting start to smell now.

If I buy new eggs and before I put the under my broody hen, can I start them in the egg incubator to check for fertilized.
Ok I now 100% should that 7 of them are a live.

I bin around 10 of the other eggs that had nothing in them.

They just start to chirping the last 2 day ago and are still chirping today.
for the last 2 day the temp has drop, it was at 35.5 C. I've now checked all of the eggs that I had left over, no chicks all rotten eggs.

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