Putting ducks in coop for first time.


8 Years
May 25, 2011
Morgantown, WV
I have 10 australian spotted ducks that are 3 weeks old. I have a coop about ready for them. Currently I still have a heat lamp for them in the brooder. Do I need to put that in the coop? It's only getting down to about 75 degrees at night. They are currently just starting to show feathers. The breed supposedly matures in about 30 days. Also, if not a heat lamp, should I still keep a light on in the new coop for a while to keep them calm?
New the site. What a wealth of information!
I used a 90 watt bulb at 3 weeks, it gave a little heat and light (ducklings can startle in the dark). If your coop is drafty or if the floor is cold I would keep the heater for another week or so. Just make sure the ground is warm and insulated.
OK, that's about what I thought. Thanks for your help. I built/am building a coop house. It's pretty tight and is up off the ground. I was going to put wood shavings and then straw on top of that. They also have ventelation in the coop as well.

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