putting up fencing in my back yard?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
If I put up a 3 or 4ft fence around the parameter of my back yard can I feel safe leaving my chickens out during the day (with the exception of birds of prey)? I am home most of the day but I still dont feel safe with my chicks outside unless IM outside with them.

will foxes and other day predators climb a fence? how about skunks?
That's a short fence... Foxes will dig under or jump it. Skunks are out mostly at night I think.
I don't let my birds free range... I wish I could, but there are too many dogs, cats, foxes, hawks, coons and CARS.
If it were me, I wouldn't do it unless I was right there with them.
Depending on the type of chickens, most can perch on a 4 foot fence, which won't make it effective in protecting them.

Most predators can easily get over a 4ft fence. You'd have to cover it with tied-down netting.

How big of an area are you looking to fence in?
my buff orps easily scale something that high..... at least 6 if you can...
I am home during the day and I have a 4 foot fence. I do intend to let my chickens free range within the fenced area. They will be locked up in their coop at night.

While there is still a chance of predators getting in, at least you are home and can keep an eye on things. It is really up to you and your comfort level. I wouldn't go with anything shorter than a 4 foot fence. If you really want it to be a bit more secure, buy 6 foot fence, bury 1 foot of it and have it be 5 feet high. That will keep out more predators but anything that wants to get to your chickens that bad will probably find a way.

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