Puzzling injury under two hens wings - need help to solve???


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I have two CBM hens that I adore. About two weeks ago I discovered a three inch opening in the skin under one of their wings. After tending to the wound, I searched the coop high and low for something that she may have gotten caught on, but found nothing. I assumed she may have been in the nesting box with another hen and they got in a squabble. Yesterday, the other Maran hen appeared to have the identical cut in the same place, and the first hens wound was slightly re-opened.The flock consists of 17 hens of mixed breeds - no rooster. And until now, no aggressive behavior.
I have them isolated and made a make-shift e-collar to prevent them picking at the wounds
Any thoughts??? I'd appreciate any ideas as to how and who might be responsible. Seems too coincidental that the two of the same breed would experience the identical injury??? Many thanks!

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