PVC chicken run

Hey DLV58 could u post a picture of ur 10 by 6 so i could see it and list the supplies needed to make it that would be a huge help..?
I initially built a PVC run, it was 15x15, 7 ft tall, built with 1" PVC pipe and covered with chicken wire on the sides and roof. I thought it would be OK in winter, but snow accumulated on it during several storms, and collapsed it 3-4 times. In addition, PVC becomes brittle in the sun, so the corner and T pieces began to crack. Last summer I tore it all down and built a permanant run with wood, hardware wire and aluminum roofing. So if you live in snow country, know that snow will accumulate on chicken wire roofing! The winter picture is from last winter when we received 30" in one storm. If the coop can survive that, it should be good for most anything!


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