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  1. wawa

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    Sep 27, 2009
    I have seen on the site a few of you have built the PVC chicken tractor/Pen that looks the same design as the one PVCPlans.com offers.The question I have is can anyone explain the so called feeder that is in the center of the design,I don't see how it is used of even if it is needed.Does anyone have pics of it it use. I am about to start building one with a few modifications and want some input on how to make it better.All input and help will be great.
  2. CARS

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    It's been quite awhile since I visited the PVC tractor plans but I think it was a feeder holder. A stand of sorts so it doesn't tip when you move the tractor.

    But then... why don't they have a provision for the waterer???
  3. raimnel

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    We built one this past summer for broilers. We didn't put the "feeder" thing in. It can hold upto 30 chickens, 2 sq feet per bird. or 7 kids [​IMG] oops there only 6 in there.
    Here's a pic. It's 6' x 10'. we ordered most of the joints online some where cost something like $60. Bought the pipes at menards and we set screwed all the pipes in place cause they would slip out when draged. we also put the tarp on the one end. and used a regular waterer, and a pvc feeder.
    Hope that helps and have fun


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