PVC Run Completed

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    I am so proud of myself. The top opens up and if you look close against the wood of the coop you can see the blue wire door that I made from a panel of an old dog play pen. So I can close it up and move it around the yard while I am gardening or enjoying the weather. I am going to move the patio set outside as soon as spring hits and I am going to put in privacy slats on the fence behind the coop. Thats the neighbors backyard behind the coop. I am looking forward to grilling and having bon fires in the yard with friends talking about my chickens!
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    Mar 27, 2011
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    [​IMG]Well done! Will you come make me one?
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    That is beautiful! When your girls are laying you might consider putting your coop on wheels too so they can have access to their nestboxes for laying throughout the day if they will be gone from the coop long.
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    Would it be practical to put a lightweight nest box in that run? I have milk crates I could attach at a corner, do you think that would work would they use an inside and and outside box?
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    I am in Washington State as well. How are the girls handling the rain? Do you have a cover for the run or a tarp? I have made one that looks like a mini hoop house with a tarp on it so they have a dry place. They love to range, even in the rain, but I have a cover for my back door and they gather there. I have my coop on wheels to move around the yard. You can get wheels anywhere, but old lawn mowers wheels work great. I am in Bonney Lake....
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    I have some training wheels from my sons bike for the tractor. I just need to put them on but not going to bother until the weather is nicer. The run has a covered area when attached to the coop. I have a tarp but its way to big for this I will get something rigged up for spring. I am going to add a nest box as suggested and will add some sun cover. I have a bunch of aluminum siding I can put over top. They are handling the rain just fine. They do not seem to mind being in the coop. They get their fill of outside in about an hour in the mornings then they go back in the coop and come out again afternoon for a while, I usually have to shoo them back in the coop to close it up. They come out in the wind that doesnt seem to bother them.
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