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    Apr 15, 2007
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    I am trying to build a tractor for some broiler chicks. I would prefer to build out of PVC since I will be moving it by myself, and also to allow flexibility in the frame because the ground where I would be running it is slopey and uneven. I am particularly interested in the hoop-style structures, but I read on another thread that PEX pipe was better to use for the hoopy parts. Indeed, I tried to bend 3/4" PVC by myself and it was really tough!! I thought to use PEX for the roof and PVC (which is much cheaper) for the base. So I got some PEX pipes for the roof, and they bend real nice, but they don't fit into the PVC fittings. Any ideas?

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    There are lots of great tractor ideas made with PVC.
    A couple of members recently posted pictures of theirs...try doing a search for tractor or pvc tractor and you should come up with several threads. Lots of good reading and tips too!
    Good luck!!
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    Apr 15, 2007
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    Yep, I saw that one. My idea is similar. Did you have any trouble bending the PVC pipes for the top portion?

    My concern with using a wooden base is that the ground in my yard is not very flat, and when you set down anythign rigid, there will be gaps. My internet reading tells me that tractors with a PVC base are more flexible and so should be able to follow the ground a little better.

    My big question at this point, is does anybody know of a way to connect PEX pipe to PVC pipe, since 3/4" PEX does not seem to be the same size as 3/4" PVC. I was hoping somebody on the board might have some plumbing experience. [​IMG]

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