I have tried this before and it was fun --
my only 'hint' would be to put on more wax than you think the design needs as mine seemed to come out with narrow lines of color --
Have fun!
As you may have guessed from my avatar, yes, I do this. It's a lot of fun, but be careful about making pysanky with children as they get really frustrated when they break eggs (as they frequently do)!
Straight lines are hard--best to start with free form/scatter-type designs. Beeswax works much, much better than candle wax or crayons. If you add some black shoe polish to the wax, you can see your markings better.
My father used to use a straight pin stuck in a pencil eraser as a pen. He'd heat the head of the pin in a candle flame, then dip it into the beeswax, then draw a single teardrop shaped line on the egg. You can make floral and wave designs easily this way.
When you are done, melt the beeswax off with a candle flame (fast, satisfying, but a safety hazard) or by putting the eggs in a warm oven.
Ukrainian legend has it that making pysanky keeps evil at bay in the world. Given all that is going on, you now have one more reason to give this a try!
tried this YEARS ago; It's tougher than it looks! (or I don't have the artistic ability and/or patience). The finished products (not mine, but others' finished product!) are fascinating, beautiful little works of art.

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