Q about chick's poo


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
I am so new, I don't really know where to look. Sorry if this is something that's discussed often. I couldn't find anything.

We just got 6 pullets on Sunday, 3 EEs and 3 Red Sex Links. The EEs were hatched last Wednesday, I'm not sure about the Reds. They are smaller and have less developed wing feathers if that means anything.

My smallest Red Sex Link has runny, dark, stinky poop.

We have them on medicated chick crumbles. I've seen her eat and drink, she looks good otherwise, curious, moves around, acts like the others.

Is there something I should do or watch for? Even giving me ideas of what to google would be helpful.

Thanks so much!
If they are on medicated, you are doing everything right!

Sometimes the stress of moving from one to another causes changes like you are seeing. As long as there is no blood in the droppings and it is eating and drinking I wouldnt worry too much. Just keep a close eye out for a few days.

Happy chickening!
Thanks so much. The girls are all doing well. That link is very helpful and officailly the weirdest thing in my farorites!
Not that I am an expert on baby chicks, but I really think they are like any baby. too much moving and changing will upset some of their tummy's. Once she gets settled it will get better. I know I just got 8 chicks and a couple had the same thing. i just watched them -- once settled, things started acting normal.

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