Q: How does hen nutrition impact egg quality and shell strength?

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    Jan 11, 2012
    A: What your hen eats can directly affect the eggs she produces, including the nutrition provided by the egg and the strength and structure of the egg shell.

    The nutrients you provide your hens are transferred into the egg. A high-quality feed can result in more nutrients being transferred into the egg. For nutritious eggs, select a complete feed that contains Omega-3 fatty acids and all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

    The contents of an egg must be protected by a strong shell. A strong shell helps keep the egg fresh and bacteria out of the edible portion of the egg. Poor diets can increase the risk of microscopic cracks in egg shells. These cracks create a space for bacteria to enter. Each egg shell requires about 2 grams of calcium. Select a complete feed with high calcium levels so your hen can lay eggs without having to pull calcium from her bones.

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