Qail useing water bottles ,, need info and advice please.


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Ok so I moved the buttons to the cage I made for them , I put a shallow dish in there and then a rat sized water bottle with the tip a few inches fromt the water in the dish, I have seen at least 4 diffrent buttons playing or / drinking from it , and I heard it go off and on all night ,,,, I thought birds went to sleep when the lights went out
, any ways I degress when I fill up the dish half the quail run over like there parched , so will all of them eventually learn to drink from the bottle or will I always need to keep a dish in there. Or at least till I seperate everyon,
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I use the water bottles for my chickens, duck & geese. That is their only water source in their coop during the night. They have 3 bottles in there, 25 chickens, 3ducks and 2 geese and I have to refill at least 2 of them every morning. Soo I'm not sure about quail but my guys drink at night!!

Edited to add, I would take out the water dish and monitor them for a while to make sure they are using the bottles and not put the dish back in unless you see a problem!
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I read your thread but didn't have anything helpful to add so I didn't post but since I read your thread that was locked I decided to say hi &

I know it doesn't help with your question but I don't want you to fell left out. I also normally get off subject & end up killing a thread.

Did someone say something about food?
Just kidding.
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I had to go on a thread search....... I am patiently waiting for a great answer to the OP's question so I know to order those cute looking waterers or not. I have a week or two to wait until I really need them....and I need cages....and I need starter....and...and....


I use water bottles for most of my chicks, young pullets, young cockerels and broilers. They all learned to drink from the bottles very quickly. The water stays clean, the chickens and bedding are not wet. I wish I figured this out years ago !!!

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