Quail and Rabbits/Cavy in the same hotel?


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Planning on keeping rabbits, Cavy and Quail for eggs and meat. I am constructing a hutch that is multi-level and will have multiple chambers and I plan to house each in a different pen. Anyone done something similar and are there any issues with doing this?
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Not sure what a "Cavy" is, but game birds+rabbits=not so many problems. Not sure what a "Cavy" is.
Fancy word for guinea pig.
And I have had no problem with it in my rabbitry, and I imagine it would be no different for the 'pigs.
I had no clue either Joe ... Thought we might be talk'n bout a bottle calf!!! Was hope'n he'd go on the bottom or the poop pan was gonna get a work out!!! Bill
So long as the poo is dealt with seperatly, it should be ok. I have some rabbit pens under my quail pens, both have a litter tray system, and no issues in 2 years.
"Cavy" is the proper term for guinea pigs. My brother-in-law is from Peru and "Cavy" is a traditional part of their diet. In fact as much as 50% of the animal protein consumed in Peru is from "Cavies". Sound gross to the American pallette, but my family is from Indonesia & Europe, so I am up for anything once (Horse, Kangaroo, Rat...)
I was on an aviculture fourm for a while and it was said that cavys kept in a pheasant aviary would reduce fighting between the birds and not cause new problems so... I would imagine they wouldn't pose a threat to quail.
Thanks for answering that question

I see no real problem with rabbits and cavy's being raised in proximity with game birds, though I don't know the bio hazards of mixing the rabbit+cavy thing. I see no obvious harm from either that can be transmitted to game birds, I don't know if there is any bio-hazard that can harm a rabbit+cavy setup. I just don't know.

As Saddina points out...Keep their poop separate! Sound advice as far as I'm concerned!

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