Quail Antwerp Belgain Bantam....is this a friendly chicken?


11 Years
Mar 23, 2009
My daughter thinks they are cute and wants one, but I have never even
heard of them. Good pet???
I know a thing or two about them, got 30 colors of them
try this link


or my website

d'anvers and bantam phoenix are my specialty.

Yes they can be very friendly, especially the hens, males are a 50/50 shot. Some are super friendly and follow me everywhere, others will pop you when you turn your back to them. But at only 26 onces full grown, they really are just funny when they do it.
Heath wise, they are tough as nails too.
feel free to ask any questions you may have on them. and look at some of the other colors. I have 250+ pics of d'anvers alone on my site though out side of quail they are very rare, most I have bred myself.
Yes! Great bird. They are extraordinarily friendly, and adorable! Mine was called Venus. She was the friendliest of the flock, and always wanted attention. I highly recommend getting this bird.
(Bellow) Venus, my Belgian Quail Antwerp...
These are my Antwerp aka... d'Anvers, they are young still. Very friendly and bold. Need to take current photos of them soon.

The Hens I have had in the past and now, are great to have around. Not much luck with the Roosters at this point.


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