quail chicks bleeding

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    i put coturnix quail in a cage off of ther ground out side made of 1 inch wire and i watched them for about 5 minutes then walked in and came back out and three of them are bleeding 1 of them has the feathers of of 1 side of its head and it kinda looks like theres no skin either then two more are bleeding from the neck or head to i also have other quail and 2 chickens in there that are a month old so thier 2 weeks older than them i think they got their heads caught in the wire or something but i got them out and gave them water with electrolites what do i need to do

    sorry for the grammer im in a hurry
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    Maybe the older quail and chickens are pecking at them?
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    Definitely the older quail. You shouldn't put quail together if they've never been together before, unless you trick them. Take the injured ones out and put them in a cage by themselves. If you can put them each in a cage alone, that would be best, as the sight of the blood can make them peck at each other. Then take the other new quail out and put them in a different cage. Wait a few days, then move all the quail (new and old) in a different cage together. You still need to watch them, but it should work. Just be sure they have plenty of room, at least 1 sq. ft. per bird. And leave the chickens in their own pen, you shouldn't keep chickens and quail together anyway.

    Hope everything works out [​IMG]

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