Quail coop idea


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6 Years
Aug 31, 2013
Ok with this idea on paper the left side would be for raising one or two sebright chickens for brooding quail eggs. The right side would be for the quail. The left side would probably be an open cube maybe 4x4x4 with a house under the quail coop. Then on top of the hen house would be the quail house for egg laying and weather protection. I think the quail coop would be 5-6 feet long by 2 -3feet deep.
They are not being kep together. The pens are separate I just am using the hens to incubate the eggs .i am confused now
My purpose is to build on structure but something the separates the two. How is this disease transmitted. ?
I read it must have not seen that. So how far do I need to separate them. I own chickens already. And my quail are about 20 feet from them .

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