Quail Egg washing??

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Quail23, Dec 5, 2013.

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    Dec 5, 2013
    Hi, New to the forum [​IMG].

    I have a question about washing quail eggs.

    I'm getting quite a few eggs a day and it's become too much to wash by hand. So I made a sort of egg washing machine with an air pump that cleans the eggs with bubbles which I think is similar to the egg washing machines that you can buy. I put warm water and some proper egg cleaning fluid in and leave it pumping for about 10 minutes then rinse the eggs with more warm water with some egg cleaning solution in it.

    My question is am I ok to be doing this?? I've read so many different opinions and I'm a bit confused? Some people say it can remove the coating from the egg and allow bacteria to enter the egg. But large commercial egg producers must wash their eggs somehow??

    Thanks for any replies!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum, are the eggs for hatching or eating? personally I never wash my eggs for either, if you want to hatch it is best not to wash the eggs unless they are very soiled but they shouldn't be if their laying quarters are kept clean, as for eating well I wouldn't want to put poop in my fridge lol! but I would just remove any poo by wiping with a bit of tissue before placing in fridge as long as the quail have a private area with some hay you should find they will lay in there thus keeping the eggs clean.

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