Quail egg, will this be ok?


Apr 17, 2016
My neighbor found a quail egg this morning. I put it in my incubator. Problem is, I have chicken eggs in there that are 13 days along. When I lockdown the chicken eggs, will the lack of turning and raised humidity for those few days kill the quail (if it's even viable)? What are the chances it is viable anyways? It was laid near a vehicle, not in a regular nesting spot. They are California quail. This is my first time with a real incubator (well, I've used a crappy one that I returned, and a homemade one -- so it's the first time with an incubator that I actually expect eggs to hatch)! So I will be pretty excited if I get a quail too!!!
If you put the quail egg in there you need to stop turning it around 4 days before it hatches which is 16-17 days. (4 days before day 16-17) But since your chicken eggs are already day day 13 if you can stop turning the chicken eggs and manualy turn the quail egg there m8ght not be a problem. There could be a problem since you have to raise the humidity for the chicks. You could try it tho maybe it could hatch
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I had read that California quails incubate longer than other species, that I'm looking at 22-23 days till hatch; assuming this is correct, the chickens will be hatched and out by the time I need to lockdown the quail egg. Can anyone confirm that this timeline is correct?
Ahh i looked up a different species. Yeah 22-23 days. I hope you get your quail.
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