quail eggs for hatching

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    Apr 20, 2012
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    i might be haveing alot of extra hatching eggs soon coturnix quail reds , red with white breast , whites,blonde and some blondes that i made with really pretty feathers all eggs will me mixed
    $35 - 10 dozen plus shipping will not ship unless i can collect eggs fresh in 7 days payment money order... first come first serve you think you might be interested pm me and i'll mark you down and contact you with details when i think they will be available.. i'll contact in order by pm received.. eggs have been good turn out for me been raiseing for two years i use a sportsman 1502 incubator last hatch 87 eggs out of 124 and the one befor that 75 out of 124 i have more red and blond, breeders so most eggs will be them my blondes have some breeders i breed for color that are really pretty .. not saying i'm the only one with the colors but have not seen any around here...... but took alil crossing not that hard to do so sure someone might have some .... i keep atleast 1 male to ever 4 females

    coturnix hatch in 18 day 99.5 degrees set eggs big end up adult bird in 7 or 8 weeks they start laying.. large light meat bird lay an egg almost everyday of the year with 40watt + bulb on them 24/7 feed chick starter first four weeks under heat light wing off light and can feed meat bird or layer mash... any other ?'s just ask i'll do my best ...


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