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    I know quail need about 25-30% protein, but how much fibre, and fat do they need? I would offer ground up sea shells/crab shells for calcium and the odd bit of seaweed and table scraps, so they should get enough minerals. But I've also heard of people giving sea salt. Our quail will only be laying four months a year because the only months where we get 14 plus hours of sunlight are April, May, June and July. So their dietary needs may change. They'll also be outside so will be able to forage.
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    Apr 20, 2015
    If you find a gamebird feed, that is very likely to have the right content of everything. I don't think fibre and fat is as important as protein. You may find that they will lay with a bit less than 14 hours of daylight, but for my button quail I don't change their feed - I provide them with ground up oyster shell in a separate bowl to allow them to dose it according to their needs and I assume they eat a little less of their pheasant starter as well, when they are not laying.
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