quail hatching


6 Years
May 30, 2013
I have eggs in the bator supposed to hatch on day 23 was going on lockdown today. Surprise, when i got up this morning had one quail already hatched in the turner. Moved the turner now we have 5 hatched. They are so tiny and cute!!!! Eggs are moving so we will have more. I looked last night and I saw no movement. We are so excited!!!!
What kind of quail are they? I have my first batch (Pharaoh) in an incubator. They're supposed to hatch next Sunday. It's going to be a long week...

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We have Tennessee Reds which are a bob White quail. So far we have 17 or 18 . They have hatched all day. When we got home from chuch tonight we had a white one. Good luck with your hatch.
day 2 of hatch so far have 23 tenn red b/w babies and one more fixing to break out of the egg. we have 12 left and some of those are moving. I am so excited this is the first time we have hatched anything. 22 tenn. red and one solid white one.
The last 3 quail that hatched sunday night are not as steady on their legs as the ones that hatched Monday night. I have been dipping their beak in water with probiotics to make them stronger. They have started dipping their beak when i hold them up to water. One has started pecking a little trying to eat. them seem pretty strong when they chirp they just havetrouble standing. Any advice on what I should do?

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