Quail in an Aviary with budgies


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May 25, 2009
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looking at getting an Aviary similar to this one. My mum's budgies are having babies and starting to run out of space in their current cage. And of course I'm encouraging the bigger aviary because I've been promised quail

Only thing I'm wondering.. I remember reading about quail taking off when startled and smashing their heads against the roof, and therefore they should be in a lower cage. So how does that work out with having them in the bottom of an aviary?

And if I am keeping them in the bottom of an aviary, what extras should I be doing to take care of them? I'm thinking their own food and water down at their level, as well as a semi-covered section where they can escape from the budgies if they dont get along. And probably covering the bottom with sand so that I can keep it cleaner.
I am no quail expert, but I have seen pics and articles about people keeping button quails in aviaries to clean up the floor. I would think you could pinion to keep them better grounded. I have pinioned ducks and they can't get off the ground. I am sure someone else who knows more will chime in.
As some types of quail are 'ground-dwelling', they eat the bird seed that has fallen on the floor. I think many people do it, I remember meeting someone who said they keep them in with their parrots. I think it would work.
I don't know much about quail, but I do know about hookbills.

The thing with any animal is that it depends on the particular animal.

I guess it depends on how big the aviary would be. Everyone is going to have their territory. Psittacines (even little ones) have a very strong beak, and budgies can be aggressive when they're breeding.

I find a lot of support for mixed aviaries, but if you do it, then I would apply your normal quarantine rules though before introducing the birds. Personally, I wouldn't mix my parrots with my fowl.
If they are kept in a cage they can and will hit their heads no matter how tall. A shorter cage helps because they haven't gained enough speed to hurt their head when they bonk. Usually in aviaries the ceilings are very high for the other birds. When they are high like this buttons usually don't fright flight that high to hit their heads badly. Buttons should not be kept in Medium cages cause they are short enough to hit their heads and tall enough to gain speed.
If you can get them tame enough which you can, they will not be to afraid of you.

i got my mearns quail eating right out of my hand, also got my bobwhite doing the same, not all the bobwhite will do it but most will.

No flush, no rush.

I will be starting 2 indoor aviary's soon.

Mearns quail will be in the aviary's and i would like a pair of Green Turacos in the one as well.
My concern would be the aggression of the budgies. I had a bad experience with this though I am told it can work. I will never do it again budgies are just to darn mean. I do have button in with bourkes and finches they do great.
My dad used to raise parakeets in an aviary, and his brother raised quail. They decided to put quail in the aviary to keep the ground clean. Next day all the quail were dead with their face pecked/eaten off.

I wouldn't risk it.

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