Quail not laying


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5 Years
Mar 23, 2014
Houston, Texas
When should my Cortunix quail start laying? I dont know if I am just getting anxious but I have 8 quail in a large pen that are 7+ weeks old and have not layed the first egg yet. I am worried that they are not getting enough sunlight since i have a roof over their pen and it is also somewhat under a shade tree. I cut the tree overhang today and took half of the roof off, so now half of the pen is exposed to sunlight all day. I am located about 1 hour south of Houston on the coast if that helps any. Am I worrying for no reason or is there something else going on? This is my first time raising quail so I am mostly clueless. I have about 40 more birds in a brooder now that i plan to put in this pen also but i really want to figure out why these birds are not laying any eggs yet. Also i am not 100% sure but i believe that i have 7 females and 1 male right now.


6 Years
Jan 18, 2014
Mine are like 12 weeks and I haven't got an egg.. so no clue!

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