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Discussion in 'Quail' started by chicksducks1, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Mar 11, 2017
    I'm thinking about adding maybe some new birds into my flock, I was thinking about maybe some quails. However my questions are what do you guys uses your quails for? Pets, eggs meat etc. Also, do you keep your quails in with other bird types like chickens or ducks? What's everyone's experience with rasing them? I have done a little research but I'd like other people's opinions since they aren't as popular as other birds. Thanks!
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    We have Cotournix quail and Button quail, our cotournix are outside and we use them for pets and eggsand while I've let one of my favorite and handraised hens out in the coop (with only one or two chickens around) they're awfully small I think to have loose and running around with birds, or at least mine sicne we have have nine pound birds and 6 pound birds and the quail are the size of my hand xD But the chickens don't try to eat ours, if anything they just want to steal the quails food :)

    Our buttons stay inside in a fishtank, we keep them for eggs and pets :) and these guys are WAY too small to live with chickens I think xD
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    I've got Coturnix. I mostly got them for meat but do eat the eggs we don't hatch. Mine are outside in their own coop/run. My chickens and ducks have full access to my yard and so can go right up to the quail. There are disease risks involved with keeping quail near chickens. Some folks are adamant that they should not be within 100 feet of each other. I considered these risks and decided to take the chance. I haven't had any issues myself but you'll want to consider it for yourself.

    I have had fun raising the quail and they are fun to watch. I've had fun hatching the eggs. They don't take that long to incubate. I do have them for meat but because of the color genetics I have I am getting some interesting patterns. I'm hoping to get some Italian tuxedos in the future. The meat, when cooked properly, is delicious.
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