Quail stopped laying?


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Jul 9, 2012
We bought a trio of chinese and a trio of japanese about 2 weeks ago, and we had 2 eggs in the first few days from the Japanese, and 1 from the Chinese. However, we've since not recieved any eggs - is this normal? All the birds are fairly young, but obviously are capable of laying. The Japanese are outside and the Chinese are indoor with artificial light, and do receive enough.

We also just bought in another chinese trio (Silver laced, veryy pretty), and 2 groups of 4 Japanese (Italian and Texas A&M) as well as a gorgeous Rosetta hen. I know both of these groups do contain individuals that have been laying - are they likely to continue?
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Eventually. My quails stopped laying in winter and started up again once it got warmer. Are you sure it isn't seasonal?
It could be for the outside birds, I guess, although the new birds have also been kept outside and I did get 5 eggs from those today, but the Chinese have been kept in a regular temperature.
They haven't yet got their sand baths, and I saw some people say theirs didn't lay until they'd put them in. Something about the birds being relaxed or something, not sure. xD Is there any truth in that?
Could be. Usually if mine stop laying i move the aivery and spruce it up a bit. But i don't bother in winter. I just always assumed they stop laying in winter anyway. Could be the light if the temperature is stable. Birds can tell what time of year it is from the light (fish too).
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