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Question! What's the point of quail? How hard are they to house / care for? I'm itching to hatch something else, and goose eggs seem like they'd make me throw myself off a bridge waiting on them, so I'm thinking... quail? Just wondering.
It really depends on what type of quail you are thinking of getting. Quail have many purposes...meat..eggs..pets...hunting. They are relatively easy to care for in my opinion but need to be watched closely since they are soo small. Once I know what type of quail you are planning on raising I can help you more.
Hope that helps!
Button quail are tiny, they now come in many colors, that is all I know about them. The coturnix aka japanese quail are common and cheap. They take 16-18 days to hatch, they start laying at 6 weeks old, and they are good pets. I like them, but some dont for some reason. The coturnix also grow fast and taste good if you want them for meat.
You can eat quail eggs. I wouldnt eat Button quail eggs but I certainly plan to eat Cortunix eggs. I have Cortunix quail right now...and will be getting buttons soon.
I raise coturnix and buttons. If i'm not hatching or selling the eggs we eat the coturnix eggs. I also have pickled the coturnix eggs and surprisingly I like them. Kinda tastes like deviled eggs in the pickle juice. When i have too many eggs I cook them both up (shells and all) and feed them back to the birds. They love it and its good for them. I have to save the button eggs for a few days to amount to much!
i had about 15 quail they do not eat that much coturnix is a great bird i got the jumbo brown because when their peak egg production stops you still have meat

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